buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Types Of Multigenerational Homes

Jeffery Wright

A multigenerational home is one that houses more than one generation of a family. For example, you may have grandparents living with their kids and grandparents on the same property. This kind of living is getting more and more popular due to the numerous benefits it offers. Here are some of the types of properties suitable for a multigenerational living:

Multiple Houses on the Same Lot

There are places where you can find multiple houses, typically two, constructed on the same lot. Most of them are located in rural setups, but you may also be lucky enough to land one in an urban area. This allows you to house different generations in different properties but within the same compound.

Multilevel Property

This is one of the best forms of multigenerational homes. You can place different generations on different floors so that each of them has their property. Those with mobility issues should be located on the ground floor, especially if the house is not constructed to accommodate their needs.

Multiplex Units

Multiplexes are construction designs where two or more housing units are housed in a single structure, but each of them has their separate entrances. A good example is a two-story house where the ground and upper floor have separate entrances. Another example is a semi-detached home with separate entrances. This kind of arrangement allows you to live together without necessarily being on each other's faces all the time.

Custom-Built Multigenerational Properties

Keen developers have noticed the uptake of multigenerational living and are busy cashing on it by constructing multigenerational properties. Most of these constructions are spacious homes with numerous rooms that are placed on different ends of the property for privacy issues.

Infill Developments

There are various definitions of infill houses, but in this context, it refers to refurbishments or extension of existing buildings. For example, if there is considerable space between a detached garage and the main house, a construction can be carried out in the space to create a new living area. Such houses are becoming common in old neighborhoods that lack additional space for new constructions.

Terrace Houses

A terrace house is part of a row of houses where one unit is attached to the next unit, but they all have their separate entrances. In this case, you will need two or more adjacent units and house the different generations in different dwelling units.

Talk to a realtor if you are in need of the above types of houses. The real estate agent may also expose you to other suitable properties for your situation.


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