Buying a home from a distance

Why And How To Define The Rooms In Your House When Selling

To sell your house relatively quickly and to get a decent price for it, you may need to spend some time working on your home to prepare it for sale. There are literally hundreds of different things you could do to prepare your home, and one of these things involves defining each room in your […]

House Hunting College Towns In New Jersey: 2 Places With A Quick Commute To NYC

Lots of people like the idea of buying a home in a college town. There are lots of small, cool cafes, restaurants, and bars to enjoy. The community also has a chill vibe, and is a great mix of small town feel with big city sophistication. If you work in Manhattan, but want to buy […]

Questions To Ask When Buying Oceanfront Property

Oceanfront homes for sale sound like a great real estate option, right? Well, they are in many cases, but there are some questions that you should ask your realtor (and yourself) before proceeding with a viewing. What Kind of Coastline Is the Home On? One question to ask is what type of coast you’re on. […]

Selling A House For The First Time? Here Are Three Way You Can Sabotage Your Sale

Selling your home for the first time is a big step. And if you’re at least a day into the process, you’ve probably already found out there’s a lot you don’t know. It’s your first time around though, so you’re not expected to know it all. But what you don’t know could cost you. Here’s […]

When Is It Worth Purchasing Your College Student’s Home Rather Than Paying Room & Board?

If you have a child headed off to college in a part of the country that enjoys a much lower cost of living than your home area, you may wonder whether purchasing a small rental home in the area is a better investment than sinking thousands into room and board fees. In many cases, purchasing […]

When Evaluating Real Estate Agents To Hire, Pick The One Who Satisfies You On These Topics

It’s a good idea to give careful consideration when you’re hiring a real estate agent to represent you. Picking a handful of agents and then meeting with them individually will give you a chance to hear about their credentials and expertise, get their perspective on your situation, and ask a variety of questions. It can […]

Look For These Nearby Features When You Shop For A Home As A Senior Citizen

When you’re a senior citizen who is looking to a buy a new home, you may be looking for several features within the home. For example, some seniors favor a bungalow so that they don’t have to navigate a set of stairs several times per day. As you look at different homes, you should also […]

Need To List Your Home For Sale? What You Want To Know First

If you’ve been browsing homes for sale in the area and you are worried that your home isn’t going to sell quickly when you list it, it’s time to get professional real estate agent advice. You want an agent to help you get rid of the house you’re living in at top dollar, and then […]

3 Tips To Avoid Buying A Home In An Undesirable Neighborhood

If you’re on the hunt for a home, then you know that there are a number of things you must consider before making an offer. One big thing to consider is the desirability of the neighborhood you’ll be moving into and how purchasing a home in the area can impact you in the future. To […]

Putting Your House On The Market? Consider Using These Unique Marketing Methods

Want to get your home sold quickly once it’s put on the market? Consider using these unique marketing methods: Offer an Incentive A unique way to make your home stand out from others on the market is to offer an incentive to potential buyers. By offering a free fruit tree of their choice, a gift […]