buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Hiring a Property Management Company for a Condo Association

Jeffery Wright

Hiring the right property management company for a condo association ensures that the owners in the association get the services they expect with their home. Here are just a few of the things you should look for in a management company for your condo complex.

Rapid Response Capabilities

When disaster strikes, it is important to have a property management company that will respond quickly and effectively. Whether there is a fire, flood or other natural disaster in the complex, a rapid response plan is critical. Your property management company should be able to contact contractors to clean, repair and secure property immediately after a disaster. Look for a management company with 24/7 availability, disaster preparedness plans and a direct point of contact who will coordinate all emergency services.

Project Planning

Condo associations represent a community, and many of these communities plan special events. These events might include wine strolls, small concerts, crafts festivals, food tasting events or community yard sales. A property management company that has experience with project and event planning can provide value-added benefits for any condo association. The management company can arrange security, permits and any other special considerations for events.

Coordination of Community Services

Your property management company should arrange for landscaping, parking lot cleaning, outdoor maintenance and upkeep for community buildings. Ask for referrals from their other clients, and take a tour of those communities. You should be able to tell how well the areas are maintained and whether or not the management company will be a good fit for your community. When you interview a management company, ask what improvements the potential manager thinks would benefit your community. This information can help you to choose the company that will keep your complex looking great.

On-Site Security

Whether you have a gated community or you simply want to make sure your residents have access to security services at all times, you may want to consider hiring a property management company with experience hiring and using security services. Even if you don't utilize security guards at the present time, choosing a property management company with this type of experience makes it easier to expand your services to your residents and provide added safety measures should the need arise.

Be sure to partner with the members of your association to help make the right decision. Look for these different features in a property management company and take any other special considerations into account so you can find the perfect company to keep your community running smoothly.


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