buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Tips To Help You Sell Your Home For An Amount That Pleases You

Jeffery Wright

If you are going to be hiring a real estate agent in the near future to assist you with selling your home and property, the following tips may help you gain prospective buyers and sell your home for an amount that you are pleased with. 

Take Care Of The Property And Add Outdoor Items

The first thing that people will see when they view your home is the property that it is located on. Cut grass, shrubs, and tree branches to provide the lawn with a manicured appearance. Add a patio table and chairs and a barbecue grill to one section of the yard so that people can envision utilizing similar items if they decide to purchase your home.

A couple potted flowers bordering the walkway or a birdbath that is placed on an empty patio will provide the property with character and further enhance the outdoor area. Remove trash containers, yard clippings, or any other items that will diminish the appearance of the yard prior to placing your home for sale. 

Pressure Wash And Repair The Home's Exterior And Provide A Welcoming Appearance

If the outside of your home has been neglected  for a while and mildew streaks are visible on portions of the siding or the trim has paint peeling from them, make the necessary repairs. Pressure wash the siding to give the house a pristine appearance. Touch up paint with a fresh coat that matches the rest of the home's exterior. Sweep the front and back porch and lay out a couple welcome mats. After cleaning the door leading to your house, hang a sign or wreath from a hook that is attached to it.

Reduce Clutter And Add Some Basic Decorations Indoors

Sort through rooms in the house to decide which items you no longer have a use for. Donate or sell unnecessary clothing, knickknacks, and furniture. If you have an overabundance of items that you wish to keep, but are not currently using, box them up and label the outside of each carton. Place the packed items in the attic, crawlspace, or an outdoor shed.

Less clutter inside of the home will encourage potential buyers to focus on the size and structure of each room in the house and may help them visualize how they would fill up the empty space with their own belongings. Add some tasteful, basic decorations, such as fresh flowers in a vase or a decorative centerpiece across empty tables or counters.  

After meeting with a real estate agent and preparing an ad for  your home and property, you can feel confident about the condition of your dwelling and its yard and may find that you are able to seal a deal with a buyer soon after they take a tour of your current residence. 


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buying a home from a distance

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