buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

3 Things You Should Know About Buying A House

Jeffery Wright

Right now the housing market is one fire in most cities around the country. This is especially the case if you are moving to somewhere that is highly desirable. There are many people who are looking for just the right house, but realize too soon that even if they find the right home for sale, it is sold before they even get the chance to really think about it. This is because in many areas houses are selling in record time. Here are some things you should know about buying a house.

1. Start Early

Even if you aren't thinking about moving into the house in the next couple months you should start looking. This will give you an idea of what is out there and how much you should plan on spending. If you go shopping just weeks before you need a house and realize that everything is out of your price range and you now don't have enough time to save for the down payment, you could be in trouble. This is why it is best to go shopping for a house early one. See what houses you like and in what price range. Also, this will allow you the chance to build if necessary because you have plenty of time. If the housing market is pulling anything from existing homes, you may need to look into building.

2. Be Prepared To Offer More Than Is Asked

Gone are the days when you could offer a little lower and get the house that you wanted. In places where the housing market is booming, you are going to have to make competitive offers to get the house. People are getting what they are asking for in the bids, so if you are thinking that you will be able to get the house for lower than what it is listed as, you could be in trouble. Thus, if you can afford a $250,000 house, look at houses below that budget, not above it. Because it is highly unlikely that you will make an offer on a $260,000 for 10 grand cheaper and it will be accepted.

3. Use An Agent

You think you might be saving money by not using an agent, but in reality you are only making it harder on yourself. An agent can help you make more competitive offers, get you into houses that aren't even listed yet, and make sure you find the right house for your needs and budget.

By doing these things you can be better educated about buying a house. 


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buying a home from a distance

Searching for a home a hundred miles away from where I was previously living was hard. There was no way for us to take a trip up to see every single house that we found online to see first-hand the condition that it was in and how big it truly was. I had to find a real estate agent that I could trust to help us find several houses to make a trip up to see in a single day. I created this blog after going through the buying process and making the move. It is my hope that if you are buying a new home far from your current one, that the tips here will help to make it an easy transaction for you.