buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Getting Small: Is a Tiny House Right for You?

Jeffery Wright

The trend toward those gigantic mansion-like homes seems to be taking a turn in the opposite direction with a new trend of going tiny. If you want to find out what living the minimalist way is like, you now have more choices than ever before. Many of the new tiny homes are even smaller than a recreational vehicle, and some people are loving it. Read on to find out some reasons why this trend is so popular right now before you buy real estate.

How Tiny Is Tiny?

There really are no exact specifications when it comes to this category of housing. With the average home in the United States hovering at a generous 2500 square feet, tiny homes can seem indeed tiny. Most of these compact living structures measure in at under 400 square feet.

What's to Love About Living So Tiny?

More for the buck. The way homes are priced calls into consideration a number of factors, such as location, features, lot size and so much more. One way the real estate industry values homes, however, is by the square foot. When you are considering more than one home in the same general area with about the same features, knowing the price per square foot can give buyers a good way to make comparisons. That being said, the lower the square footage, the less expensive the home so you end up forking over a lot less money for a place to live.

Other financial considerations when going with a tiny home is the lower maintenance cost for tiny places; there's less plumbing, wiring, heat and cooling that has to be maintained. Obviously, it's going to cost a lot less to heat and cool a smaller home, so you get utility savings. Last, but not least, you can realize the dream of living near some of the most expensive locations, since you are usually just renting a tiny piece of land to land on. If you buy, the lot can be small, but perhaps you can finally afford to live near the beach or anywhere else you want to be.

More Mobility. With ease of an R.V., you can simply hitch your home to your vehicle and drive away when wanderlust hits you. You will likely need a truck or SUV capable of pulling the weight, of course. Or, let any number of tiny home moving companies that have sprung up do the work for you. Imagine being able to move according to the weather, job availability, family or medical needs, or just when you get bored with your current location.

More Simple Living. Since it only makes sense that you will have less room, having to live in one of these small spaces means paring your possessions down to what you really need and what is most important to you. Many people feel a sense of freedom at locking up the vast majority of their belongs in a storage room and taking off.

If tiny home living sounds like fun, talk to a real estate agent for more guidance and begin thinking small.


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buying a home from a distance

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