buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Four Ways To Bring The Beach Into Your Beach Home's Decor

Jeffery Wright

Luxury beach homes provide a beautiful, scenic backdrop for peaceful living, but decorating your new home properly is essential to keeping the beach theme running throughout the home. There are lots of great decorating ideas that let you bring the inspiration of the beach into your home for a cohesive, beautiful look.

Think Caribbean Colors

Caribbean beach inspiration incorporates bright colors with a distressed look. Opt for wood furniture in rich teal, yellow or green with a warm or antiqued finish to bring a bold island feel to your home. Look for pieces that feature window shutter designs and vintage-inspired hardware for a more authentic look in your home.

Use Breezy Fabrics

Your curtains should be able to move with a gentle breeze when your windows are open. Add sheer panels that reach from the top of your window to your floors for a casual chic look. In bedrooms, hang mosquito nets and canopies over your beds. The nets help you stick with your beach theme while providing much-needed protection during steamy, humid weather.

Bring The Tropics Inside

Tropical plants aren't just for your patio or deck. Choose potted or silk plants that feature big leaves to create a lush, tropical look in your living room, dining room or bedroom. Floor plants and trees work beautifully in a room's corners, while smaller plants can be placed on shelves or tables to bring beautiful greenery to your decor.

Use Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

To create a seamless transition from the outdoor beach view to your luxury beach home, consider indoor/outdoor furniture. Wicker and rattan furnishings come in a wide range of modern, elegant styles that bring a chic look to your home. Look for complete living room and dining room sets with thick cushions and neutral color schemes to bring a contemporary look to your decor theme.

Say It With Shells

One of the easiest ways to bring a beach or coastal theme to your home is with sea shells. Place lots of smaller shells in decorative bowls throughout the house for a subtle finishing touch, or string together starfish and sand dollars using twine for a festive yet rustic look. Large conch shells can be used as decor pieces on shelves or end tables. If you don't want to fill your house with shells, consider paintings or framed photographs to bring this design element to your theme.

When searching for beach homes for sale, you'll want to consider how to decorate your home once you make your purchase. Consider these fun yet stylish ways to decorate as you search for the luxury beach home of your dreams. Check out sites like for more ideas.


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