buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Features To Look For When Choosing A Retirement Community

Jeffery Wright

Retirement is the part of life many people look forward to for many years, and moving is one highlight for many retired people. After retiring, many individuals look for a place to live out the rest of their lives, and there are many choices. One option is a 55+ community, but there are many types of these communities. Of course, each type offers different features and amenities. You can base your decision on the community that offers the features you long for the most, and here are some you might want to find.

Maintenance-free living

The first feature you'll likely find in most retirement communities is maintenance-free living. A community like this might be right for you if you no longer want to handle your yard work or exterior home maintenance. The community handles these tasks for the residents, leaving them with fewer chores and things to do. This feature makes these communities ideal for people who can't physically handle these tasks anymore or who want to focus on spending their time doing things they enjoy.

Swimming pool

Secondly, many seniors want to live somewhere with a pool. The best part about having a pool at a retirement community is you don't have to maintain it. Instead, the community handles the maintenance while you can enjoy being in the pool.

Walking trails

For seniors that want to stay active, finding a community facility with walking trails is a smart move. If you enjoy walking in nature or want to get more active, walking trails are the ideal way to do this when you retire.

Golf course

Golfing is a hobby that many people enjoy. However, many people don't have time to golf until they retire. If you want to spend your time golfing, finding a community with a golf course is the top feature you should look for when choosing a community.

Concierge services

Many retirement communities also offer concierge services. These services are helpful for receiving packages, checking guests that visit the facility, and assisting the residents with questions.


Another feature you'll find in some villages is a community garden. You can take part in the garden if you enjoy this task, or simply reap the produce the garden makes.

Tour 55+ communities to find the right one

As you begin your search, you should consider touring some facilities to find the right 55+ community for your needs, budget, and desire. If you need help finding a good 55+ adult community, talk to a real estate agent like Keri Patrick.  


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