buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Four Things A Successful Real Estate Agent Knows

Jeffery Wright

The real estate business is fierce, and agents know they have to compete for commission in order to get a good income. In order the clinch the sale, they have to be knowledgeable, customer friendly, but tough all at once. Since most real estate agents work for a percentage of the sale, they have to be especially aware of the current trends in real estate as well as what buyers are looking for. Here are four tricks of the trade that can help make a successful agent.

Home Staging is Worth It

If a seller is leaving their home empty, it could look unappealing to some buyers. A home staging company can come in and add some nice decorative touches as well as coordinating furniture. Home stagers know exactly how to make a room appear functional as well as beautiful, and this will help buyers envision what the home will look like when they move in. Rather than a cold empty house to show buyers, real estate agents know staging can give them the edge. This is beneficial to the seller as well as the buyer since it gives sellers more confidence and buyers more comfort.

Communication is Key

Good real estate agents know that their buyers like to be aware of everything that's happening with the transaction, from contract changes to sellers wanting to change the final closing date. In order to make clients happy, good agents will touch base with their customers regularly and update them any time something changes so they're prepared and don't get hit with a last minute update they didn't see coming. Even a daily email letting the buyer know how things are going can make them feel more at ease.

They Know the Market

A quality real estate agent is already familiar with all of the surrounding neighborhoods as well as their current market comparable prices. They can tell buyers whether sellers are asking too much for a home, and can even recommend different places nearby that the buyers may not have thought of. Being well-versed in several different homes and neighborhoods means that the agent knows their market well and will help the client get the absolute best piece of property for their money.

They Sell Themselves

In addition to all of the legal and financial jargon that has to be mentioned while working in real estate, successful agents need to be personable and inviting. They're not just marketing the home they are trying to sell, but also their personality and people skills. A good agent will ask their customers more about themselves, and will open up to them about their own personal lives as well. This kind of communication creates a feeling of trust and will also help them get great references for future business.


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buying a home from a distance

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