buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Three Effective Approaches For QR Code Real Estate Marketing

Jeffery Wright

QR codes, or "quick response" codes, are the latest in bar code technology. Hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses currently use these little boxes of pixelated information to redirect smartphone users to their websites and product information pages. Some companies even use the codes to redirect consumers to contests and promotional offers. While the codes have many practical uses, not all of those uses in real estate are as practical as one may like. Here are three effective approaches for the proper use of QR code real estate marketing.

Redirecting Consumers to the Agency's Available Properties Listings

Consumers scan QR codes because they are searching for something that is important to them or something about which they are curious. In the case of real estate, consumers want to know more about an agency, or more to the point, more about the homes and apartments the agency lists. When your agency is working with a QR code developer, select the latter, since a redirect to available listings is more than likely the information most of the consumers want and need.

Redirecting Consumers to a Complete Data Sheet on a Particular Property

When a QR code is placed on a "for sale" sign outside an available property, it allows consumers the opportunity to get more information about that specific property when no more paper data sheets are available in the box outside. This may require the development of hundreds of unique QR codes for your agency's listings. Yet it can result in several in-person walk-throughs and sales of properties because consumers have the information they want to make a decision about viewing the inside of the property. It will also allow consumers to email the electronic data sheet to someone else, like a spouse or roommate, in order to get that person's opinion.

Redirecting Consumers to Agents and Contact Information

Finally, you may be able to effectively use QR codes for the purpose of sharing contact information with consumers. The codes can be individualized for each agent that works for an agency, or they can be general contact information that provides consumers with the name of your agency, the general telephone and FAX information and the address of your nearest office location. If you choose to have the codes direct consumers to the nearest office, you may also have to embed a GPS tracker into the code and a request for the consumers to allow their phones' location services to be used for this service. You may also wish to embed the means for consumers to bypass the GPS location service so that they do not get frustrated with their attempts to get contact info and have to circumvent the locator software. You can discuss these options with your QR code developer. For more details, check out sites like


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buying a home from a distance

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