buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Look For These Nearby Features When You Shop For A Home As A Senior Citizen

Jeffery Wright

When you're a senior citizen who is looking to a buy a new home, you may be looking for several features within the home. For example, some seniors favor a bungalow so that they don't have to navigate a set of stairs several times per day. As you look at different homes, you should also take the time to drive through the surrounding area, either with your real estate agent--someone like ERA Key 1 Realty Inc.-Cindy Frank--or on your own. Buying a home in close proximity to these features will often be desirable as you age.

Medical Facilities

Even if you're currently in good health, you might visit your family doctor frequently for checkups. If this is the case, it's ideal to find a home that is relatively close to your doctor's office. Additionally, you may make trips to an eye doctor, hearing specialist, and other such medical professionals. It's ideal if all of your medical professionals are located in the same building or complex of buildings. If this is the case, you can concentrate your search for a home in the surrounding area. If not, you might be able to identify a neighborhood from which each of these medical facilities is conveniently located.

Walking Areas

Many senior citizens enjoy regular walks to provide a multitude of health benefits, so it's worthwhile to ensure that your new home has easy access to areas that you can safely walk. For example, you might wish to live near a community park that features a paved path throughout it. Or, you might like the idea of your home backing against a treed area that has a walking trail. While you could technically always drive to an area where you can walk, it's nice to find a home that is already near walking areas.

Public Transit

Even if you currently drive a vehicle, you may have plans to drive less as you age, or possibly even get rid of your car entirely once you reach a certain age. If this is the case, it's important to find a house from which access to public transit is easy. For example, you may wish to find a residence that has a bus stop just a block or two away. You don't want this stop to be too far from your home, as you may rely on the bus for grocery shopping, and it could be difficult to walk several blocks while carrying multiple bags of groceries.


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buying a home from a distance

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