buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

When Evaluating Real Estate Agents To Hire, Pick The One Who Satisfies You On These Topics

Jeffery Wright

It's a good idea to give careful consideration when you're hiring a real estate agent to represent you. Picking a handful of agents and then meeting with them individually will give you a chance to hear about their credentials and expertise, get their perspective on your situation, and ask a variety of questions. It can often be effective to make a list of some important topics — but not necessarily ask about them. Instead, keep an eye on this list and make notes when a real estate agent satisfies each point. You can then move forward with hiring the agent who has addressed each of your points without specifically being asked about them.

What Sets The Agent Apart

If you specifically ask a real estate agent what sets him or her apart from other agents, you'll get an appropriate answer. However, if you simply listen to see if the agent discusses what sets him or her apart from others, it shows that the agent has specific attributes that are beneficial. The thing or things that set the agent apart can be varied. Perhaps an agent tells you about using an award-winning photographer or home stager to make your listing stand out, or perhaps the agent gives you information that indicates he or she is in the top one percent of the company.

Best Explanation Of The Pricing

If you're selling your home, you may get a variety of suggested listing prices when you speak to different agents. You shouldn't necessarily hire the agent who gives you the highest listing price. Instead, you should plan to hire the one who gives you the best explanation of the price he or she has chosen. Instead of a vague estimate, look for an agent who has come to the meeting prepared. He or she will likely have a ballpark figure for your home and be able to provide comparable data that shows what similar homes in your area have sold for recently.

Practical Marketing Plan

Without necessarily asking, listen to how each agent you speak to discusses how he or she will market your home. The best marketing plan can often help your home sell quickly and for the greatest percentage of its asking price, so an agent who presents a comprehensive plan should get strong consideration. Additionally, listen for examples on how a similar marketing plan helped a former client sell his or her home quickly.


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buying a home from a distance

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