buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Here Are Some Tips For Selling Your Home Faster

Jeffery Wright

If real estate all around you has been selling and your home has been sitting there, getting attention but not bring in any offers, then you want to figure out what the problem may be. Your real estate agent can be a great source of information and guidance, but you are the one who will obviously be the most anxious to see your home move next, above all the others on the market. Therefore, you should be putting some of your own thoughts into what is going on so you have some valid points that you have noticed to bring up the next time you talk to your real estate agent.

Is the house showing well?

If your agent is bringing a lot of people by to look at your home then it means it is getting a good amount of attention, which is great. However, it is not capturing the interest of those buyers when they actually see it in person. There are a number of reasons this may be happening.

  • It may just be priced too high
  • It may have some eyesores, such as a fireplace that needs serious updating
  • It may have parking issues, such as a shared driveway
  • It may be in serious need of updating all-around
  • It may not have good curb appeal

Fixing the issues

If price is an issue, this is an easy fix. Lowering the price a bit can be all of the change you need to make happen in order to get those offers coming in. However, if other things are the issue, then you have some decisions to make. You need to decide how you want to move past these things so buyers can also look past them.

If the house needs updating then you can make some of these improvements. Sometimes a new paint job, new carpeting and new light fixtures and switches can make all the difference to the way the house shows. While you may have been trying to avoid doing these things, the time has probably come to get realistic and realize they are going to play a big part in moving that house.

If you know the house needs certain repairs or updating then there is another way you can go around this. You can offer to include those things in the sale of the house in the form of allowances. This makes those changes the buyer's responsibility, but it also gives them the money needed to have them done. Some buyers would prefer to do upgrades themselves since it means they will be able to choose their own materials, colors, styles, etc.

If something like shared parking is a big turn off then talk to your realtor and see if they feel widening your side of the driveway would do the trick. If so, then it may be worth it to follow through. If the house has no garage and no storage, see if the realtor feels putting a nice storage shed out back would get those offers coming in.


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buying a home from a distance

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