buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

A Bigger Home May Be A Better Home

Jeffery Wright

If you are looking to buy a home then you have a lot to think about. While you may have a size in mind with regards to what the square footage of your new home should be, you may want to consider going bigger. Tiny homes are very popular right now, but you may find they just won't meet your long-term needs. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to go with a bigger home than what you first thought:

Your family can grow into the home

One of the major reasons for considering a bigger home is your family can grow into the home. If you buy a small house and have several children, then you will find yourself needing a bigger space before you know it. If you see more children in your future, then this is something you really should consider. Buying a larger home after you have more children means uprooting them from the home they are familiar with and possibly even taking them away from friendships they have formed, as well as switching their schools, doctors and more.

You can always make good use of extra space

When you move into a small space, you can never get more space unless you add on to the home. This can leave you having yard sales to get rid of things you'd love to keep, or filling your garage with things that simply don't fit in the house comfortably. However, when you have a larger house than what you really need, you can turn extra rooms into guest rooms, offices, craft rooms or spaces where you can enjoy some quiet time. You will also have the space you need to add more shelving, cabinets or other spaces you would like the home to have. Also, you will be able to host larger get-togethers and have plenty of space for overnight visitors.

You can get away from others easier

When your family is in a smaller home it can sometimes feel like there is no-where to go to enjoy a book in peace, or take a nap in the middle of the day. However, when you have plenty of space you can sneak away to a quieter part of the house when you feel like you want to enjoy some peace and quiet by yourself for a little while. You may even have the space to dedicate a room to the children so they can play without making too much noise while you are on the phone, reading, watching a movie or doing something else that requires some quietness.

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buying a home from a distance

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