buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Your Home's On Stage And It's Time To Sell

Jeffery Wright

If you are considering placing your home on the market, you may already know that some freshening up is in order. Some paint and polish will attract and impress a potential buyer, but you can take that a step further and really set the stage for a successful sale. Read on to learn more about staging your home to bring maximum interest for minimum effort with staging.

Blame it on HGTV

This is the popular network that began it all, but now you can find these so-called "nesting" shows everywhere. Here, consumers can see seemingly easy transformations before and after shots of home and garden remodeling and redecorating projects and get tips to make their own homes look picture perfect. What this means for you is that buyers expect homes they are viewing to look not just okay, but enchanting. While it may not really be possible to achieve the same effect without the big network budget, there is a surprising amount of improvement you can do without the big outlay of cash.

Professional Services

For a price, you can actually have someone come in give you a hand with your home staging efforts. These services will cover a large range of prices, depending on what you need and want to have done. To begin, you might have an expert survey your home and provide you with an evaluation of what to on your own. At the high end, you can have your furnishings and accessories completely replaced with borrowed pieces that are designed to show off your home's best features.

Do It Yourself

Here are some tips to try on your own to spiff up your home for those buyers in search of their perfect home.

1. Clear out and clean out: you can make your rooms look larger with a simple exercise: remove the clutter. Not only will it make the rooms look bigger and neater, but it also allows those buyers to picture their own belongings in your home. This means taking away most, if not all, of the family photographs, souvenir mugs, mementos, and figurines. Freshen up your living room by limiting throws and pillows.

2. Move your furniture around: If you have large pieces, try to rearrange your rooms to reduce the space taken up by large pieces. For example, second and third bedrooms in homes are often small and can look even smaller with big chunky dressers. Try that dresser in your entryway or dining room instead. Don't discount the possibility of renting a temporary storage space for some of your things as well.

3. Add light to your rooms: If you have some mirrors, hang them to best catch the light from the windows. A mirror automatically makes a room look bigger by fooling the eye, and they are a relatively inexpensive purchase. Try one over your mantle or couch. Placing a mirror over a small table at the end of the hallway will make that hallway seem to go on forever.

Just a few moments spent imagining what your buyers want to see will pay off. Your real estate agent likely has even more tips for making the most of what you have already. For more information, contact your local real estate agent services.



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buying a home from a distance

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