buying a home from a distance

buying a home from a distance

Want Privacy For Your Family? Demand Certain Features When House Shopping

Jeffery Wright

After living in a large apartment complex, especially with roommates, you may know how to appreciate privacy. So, when you have a family and are interested in buying a home, you may want to do everything that you can to provide your family with a lot of privacy in the house.

This is something that you should be able to accomplish if you prioritize features that will provide the most privacy when you begin looking at home listings.

Front Yard

When you look around at front yards, you may notice that homes do not get a lot of privacy unless the homeowners invest in solid window treatments for the front-facing windows. But, you may want to enjoy some privacy without having to rely on window treatments in your home.

This is when you should prioritize homes with privacy hedges along the sidewalk. You can also get these hedges near the front-facing windows to provide a decent amount of privacy. If you are interested in a neighborhood that allows front yard fences to exceed the standard four-foot height restriction, you may want to look for homes that get full privacy through the fence alone.


For some properties, a solid six-foot tall fence in the backyard will provide enough privacy to satisfy your needs. However, you may not feel comfortable with this feature on its own when you are looking at homes in which the neighboring properties are several stories. This means that you may even want to prioritize privacy hedges that can grow taller than a six-foot tall fence.

Another way that you can get reliable privacy from neighbors looking out of second-story windows is with awnings above the windows. The awnings will provide protection from sun as well make it more challenging for a neighbor to see clearly inside one of your windows.


If you like the idea of being able to come home without being exposed to your neighbors, you should look for a home that has a large enough garage to fit all your vehicles. This will make it possible for your family to always park in the garage, where they will have complete privacy. A solid gate that you must open to enter the driveway will also give your family more privacy.

Knowing what features to demand when you begin the house-hunting process will help you narrow down home listings to ones that you know will satisfy your privacy demands.


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